Every day we’re becoming more aware of the excessive use of natural resources and the legacy we leave behind for our children. Fossil fuels are limited in supply and thoroughly damaging the environment. The United States, where 5% of the world’s inhabitants live, uses 25% of the currently available fossil fuels. The strong economic growth of countries like China, Brazil and India causes an ever increasing need of energy.

Because of the limited supply and the bad influence of fossil fuels on the environment, the technological evolution of electric transport (both private and public) increases quickly. In 2013, almost every car manufacturer will have at least one hybrid or fully electric vehicle in its model range. The range of an electric vehicle will increase in the coming years to several hundred kilometers per charge, and the charge time will decrease from several hours to less than 30 minutes. Governments and power network companies are working hard to have the necessary infrastructure in place. For the Netherlands the goal is to have around 10.000 charging stations at the end of 2013.

Switching to alternative sources of energy for use of transportation will have a major impact on our infrastructure and the way we’re going to control it. Besides challenges with our current power grid, electricity generation and economic models, new possibilities will emerge in the Smart Grid.